Let’s get straight to where we left Part 1. We were discussing the about the attributes of the `YoloParams` class.

This log is dumped by in the class. Another important element in the class definition is . This simply helps us to determine whether the…

Rendering the dataset

Now that we are comfortable with the Blender starters (from PART 1), we can start using Python to automate some of its aspects and generate a synthetic dataset.


I will be using Ubuntu 20.01 and Blender 2.91.


To generate a dataset using Blender and Python, with the…

Exploring Basic Blender Functionalities

The tutorial explores basic functionalities of Blender that are required for our goal: generating synthetic dataset using Blender+Python. Blender can do pretty much anything related to graphic manipulation, from Sculpting to VFX, Blender has you covered.

Pre-Requisite: Install Blender from official site. I am using 2.91.0…

How to turn Corgi and Kitty mode in Google Colab Notebooks.

…and in colab too 💪

dogs on colab

There is no God, but don’t tell that to my servant, lest he shall kill me tonight. ~Voltaire

If MEDIUM troubles you with the payment tricks, you can read the article at my site 😅

The article shares my experience of attempts to dual-boot Ubuntu 20.04 …

If MEDIUM troubles you asking for membership,

Read it @ pra-dan.github.io

The step-by-step tutorial is based on Udacimak — A Udacity Nanodegree Downloader. It allows you to download all the video and text-related content from the courses that you are enrolled in. It is a -based method. I will…

If MEDIUM troubles you on viewing this, read the complete article on


Foreword: The article aims at simplifying the process of getting the understandable results from the RAW output of the YOLOv3 models (v3 and v3-tiny). I will be demonstrating the code snippets from the official demo example provided by OpenVINO toolkit that work for both theses versions but I explain…

You will find different methods to convert YOLO models collected here. The article explains how to go about converting your Darknet or rather YOLO models to other framework-formats like TensorFlow or TensorFlowLite (with and without quantisation).

I will be using Google Collaboratory to demonstrate the process.

Note : Different methods…


  • To prove how important shuffling is for your data
  • To specify types of data and the shuffling processes needed for each
  • To focus on mainly Numeric data and demonstrate one of the shuffling methods to use

Wait, ask yourself “Why should I read further?”

If you are looking only for the method and code, the concept should be…

Why did it all start ?

In the last summer, Me and my friend planned to dive into AI. We planned to accomplish this by any means. So, this is what we came across:

Prashant Dandriyal


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